Monday, June 30, 2008

a visit from mom

I can hardly believe she was here, and we only took this one picture to prove it...but she was! My mom came for a much-needed visit for a few days last week. We did a lot and we did nothing at the same time. We just chatted and talked and cried and laughed and shopped and shared and ate and caught up on everything we could think of!

Andrew and I drove down and picked her up in Jacksonville, then spent the next day browsing to our hearts' content in a giant Babies R Us! We followed that up by a great visit at Andrew's grandparents' house. Aunts, Uncles,'s always fun to get together! And I was so glad to be able to introduce them to my mom. Crazy how suddenly my life has 2 separate worlds and my family doesn't know all the people I know anymore!

Mom kept me company while Andrew was at work. We did Starbucks, Target, and even just hung out in her hotel room while I used the bigger and better laundry facilities over there!

Amazing how a girl never stops needing her mom. I love you, Mom. Thanks for coming all this way to visit us! See you in July ~

Monday, June 09, 2008

up for air!

So much has happened in the last 2 months since Andrew's return that it feels as though we've been in a bubble, or in a cave... Just regrouping, taking care of each other, learning how to live together again, going before the Lord and just seeking Him for our next steps with so many decisions coming up so quickly!

But here I am popping up or out for a bit of air beyond Facebook. Andrew's at work. I think practicing for some change-of-command ceremony they'll have tomorrow. I'm feeling a little cooped up in our 500 sq/ft apartment with outside temps in the high 90's... but it's nice. I can clean the whole thing in 20 minutes flat.

We've visited with family, driven to Atlanta a couple times, and Jacksonville. Drove all the way to Miami to board our cruise ship for a 2nd honeymoon a few weeks ago. Met up with friends on Hilton Head Island last weekend.

And did I mention I've been battling (and losing to) morning sickness for the last 3 weeks? Yes, we're due in January! And we go to our first ultrasound tomorrow to hear the baby's heartbeat. We are so thrilled and God is so good! His timing is always perfect.

My mom gets to come for a visit in about 2 weeks, and then in July we're planning to visit Arkansas and Oregon! We become a civilian family on September 25th, and we're pretty excited about that. Our huge prayer request right now is for clear direction for a job for Andrew after the Army. Lots of possibilities, but it doesn't seem like we've found *the* thing for us quite yet.

I have a feeling I missed something...but this is a pretty good update for now!
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