Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Looks like Santa's tech-savvy Elves have already visited this blog and sprinkled their Pixie Dust...

Wait. I'm confusing two very different stories.

Well, I've got Disney on my mind. That's my excuse. See, we (the Brocks - including new and former, and totaling 9) are flying down to Disneyland tomorrow morning for our very belated summer vacation!

I can't tell if we're all more excited to go or to watch Chandler see it all for the first time! (& Jenny, too, incidentally.) Not that Chandler will remember a thing...But Aunt Cassidy already took care of that today by purchasing a 4G Compact Flash card for her camera. He'll "remember" it all in pictures! Mickey Mouse ears and all.

And I've been thinking...Someday my prince will come.

(Bad pun, but excusable under the circumstances, right? Right?)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Redcast's New EP

One track has just been pre-released. It's called "Hopeless?" and it's amazing.
Go listen! Hurry! (click on the Redcast EP banner here...)

(and yeah, it has been a busy blogging day for me!)

The Book And The Rose

"Tell me who you love and I will tell you who you are."

My Mom and I just watched this 30-minute film based on a short story by Max Lucado. I'm a sucker for O.Henry-esque stories! Besides that, it's about a soldier and his girl... and we know I love that theme! It's worth the watch.

On feeling unsettled...

It's been wearing on me lately.

The whole checking to see if the door's locked at night, making sure I don't fall asleep with the ceramic heater running, shutting down the house for the night and trying to get all cozy and warm... Now, it's not the getting cozy and warm that's wearing on me. It's having to do it all by myself and for myself. It's the lack of closure at the end of the day that I so crave. And it's the unsettled feeling of knowing that Andrew's not here to take care of me.

Not only that...

It's changing the oil, rotating the tires, paying the bills, juggling the credit cards, washing the car, killing the bugs, moving the furniture, taking out the garbage, replacing the porch light bulbs, and always driving home alone.

It's stopping at Starbucks, sleeping in on Saturday, driving through drive-thrus, attending parties, watching a favorite TV show, signing birthday cards, buying new Fall clothes, going to church, cooking up something to eat, watching movies at home...alone.

It's the alone that's wearing on me. Cause I may be surrounded by people, but nothing's as fun - or feels quite right - without Andrew.

I miss you today, Baby.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

General Lameness

Nope. Not a real person. (Should be, though, maybe...?)

It has recently been brought to my attention that I have, indeed, been deplorabley LAME in the blogging sector. Does that even make sense?

Well, whatever it means, it sure sounds foreboding. To rescue us all from whatever terrible fate may befall us (or me) for being lame in the blogging sector, I shall write a quick update. We can all breathe easier now, I know.

Andrew has been back in Iraq for almost a month, and everything's going well. That is, if "well" can be defined as utter boredom punctuated by occasional excitement. But the reality is, if it's boring for him, then it's safe for the rest of the world. : ) And we're so thankful for that!

I have been keeping myself busy with redecorating the offices up at Dad's factory. This has included (but is not limited to) countless trips to the new Portland Disneyland that is called IKEA (yay!!), endless screws, pegs, and hinges to contend with upon assembly, and hours spent organizing like items which have heretofore been neatly (or otherwise) "stored" in haystack-like piles...and piles...and piles.

Now, so as not to demolish the reputations of Dad or my brothers ... there is a somewhat valid excuse in place. That being that the business recently moved. It seems that this alone is good reason for some of the less-used papers and files and supplies to be in a rather disorderly state.

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