Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Looks like Santa's tech-savvy Elves have already visited this blog and sprinkled their Pixie Dust...

Wait. I'm confusing two very different stories.

Well, I've got Disney on my mind. That's my excuse. See, we (the Brocks - including new and former, and totaling 9) are flying down to Disneyland tomorrow morning for our very belated summer vacation!

I can't tell if we're all more excited to go or to watch Chandler see it all for the first time! (& Jenny, too, incidentally.) Not that Chandler will remember a thing...But Aunt Cassidy already took care of that today by purchasing a 4G Compact Flash card for her camera. He'll "remember" it all in pictures! Mickey Mouse ears and all.

And I've been thinking...Someday my prince will come.

(Bad pun, but excusable under the circumstances, right? Right?)


Cathy said...

Us west-coasters forget that Disneyland isn't as doable everywhere else! We're so spoiled!
Hope that you guys are having a fantastico time all together. How fun is that!

Kendra said...

It sounds like Oregon is getting a HUGE dose of looking like Christmas right now.

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