Monday, July 20, 2009

So many options!

Facebook, Twitter, email, texting...not to mention phone calls and letters... Who has time to blog anymore? Maybe it's just that I can't handle the unlimited number of characters I am allowed to type in a blog post!

I've been having fun with Twitter lately and doing my best to keep up with Facebook. I have more followers/friends on both of those social networking sites than I've ever had on any of my blogs! So I guess that's the draw.

Wow, I'm writing very distractedly right now and should probably just post this rambling blog and move on. If you're still reading, you're such a sweet friend!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

a comeback.

Hmmm... Is it bad luck to talk about a comeback before it actually happens? I hope not.

I'm hoping to make my photographic comeback before the summer is out! I want to rebuild my business and my skills to better than before!

I guess I've been on some sort of unplanned hiatus from professional photography since I got married. Life has been so crazy and fast and up and down and full of's been hard to keep up. But my camera still fits well in my hand. And I still love capturing moments forever.

I'm coming back. Just so you know. Now to work on a new logo...
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