Monday, November 30, 2009

Redcast's Latest

If you read my blog often, (or happen to notice the banner at the top...), you'll find that one of my favorite things to do is plug my brothers' band, Redcast. Now, I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of sisters who try to help their brothers' fledgling garage bands make it to the big time. Well, I'm not one of them. Cause I don't need to be! They're already headed straight to the top -- I just like to brag. That's what this is. Big sister bragging rights.

So, Redcast did a Myspace release of their new original Christmas song! It's called Mistletoe and you'll love it! Kinda in the style of the "Pina Coladas" (our more appropriate name for The Bare Naked Ladies), it lends a fun and ironic twist to the romance of the season. Hurry! Go listen and love it!

By the way ~ Redcast Christmas Show on December 8th at the Olmschied Auditorium in St. Helens, Oregon. But of course you know that already if you read their blog. Tickets are $ (see that? like a restaurant review. only 1 dollar sign ($) and not 2 ($$) or 3 ($$$), so that means it's super affordable!) and you can buy them at the door!

And now that I've broken almost every rule of decent text design and style layout... I'll close. Oh, but don't worry. I haven't broken any copyright laws by using that image. I didn't steal it. I took it. Literally. Clicked the shutter button.

See you at the show!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Am I Thankful For?

I'm oh-so-thankful...
  • for my wonderful husband and best friend
  • that we've officially been together longer than we were apart (woot!)
  • that marriage sweetens with time and investment... we're more in love today than ever!
  • for our precious daughter, a beautiful new life given by God
  • for God's daily protection over us
  • for my Dad & Mom and their never-ending love, their Godly examples, and their constant encouragement to press on in Him
  • for my dear in-laws who never tire of loving and giving and lifting us up in prayer
  • for my brothers...all 4 are so special to me and always will be
  • for my sister-in-love and the handsome boys that fill her and my brother's life with joy & laughter
  • for the opportunity to live near my family for the time being
  • for the lessons God continues to teach me and that He never gives up!
  • for my Gramma who survived a stroke last January and is still with us
  • for my Pa & Granny who have been coming to church and having their lives miraculously changed
  • for a church family who has been just incredible and so much fun to work with
  • for friends far away who are always close in spirit
  • for the life of a dear old pastor who went home to be with the Lord this fall
  • for the basic needs that God always provides...not to mention most of the wants and desires, too!
Q: What are YOU thankful for?

It's Thanksgiving Week already!

What a happy time of year! Yes, the days get shorter, but the holiday fun is here in full swing, so it's all right!

Starbucks is gorgeous, early birds already have lights on their houses, the smell of yummy candles is in the air, Christmas magazines and catalogs are on our coffee tables, Black Friday plans are being made, and we're all thinking about what we need to find/get/buy/do for whatever concoctions we're contributing to the big Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday!

We're having a special year. All of "the Brock kids" are headed to Mom & Dad's, plus Granny & Pa are joining us. An added bonus this year is that Matt & Carol and family are pulling up a chair to the table, too! We're gonna have SO MUCH FOOD. The best cooks in the world (in my opinion!) are converging into one kitchen and going to produce just the most amazing feast ever. Spinach dip, cheese fondue, candied sweet potatoes, hot fruit, banana pudding! Not to mention the usual rolls, turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie! Yum!

We have so much to be thankful for! It's Paisley's first Thanksgiving and we're parents, now! It's been an amazing year for us, not all perfect... But, hey, as Sara Evans sings so eloquently, "But it doesn't have to be per-er-er-er-fect! Every little piece of the puzzle doesn't always fit per-er-er-fect-ly..." : ) Haha! That's not really eloquent. Just cute.

Just a year ago I was almost 8 months preggers with my little Sweet Pea. We had been in Oregon for all of 2 months, by that time, and life was a little wild. Not to say that it's now calm... but it's at least much more comfortable.

Thankfully, the picture of me & Andrew at last Thanksgiving must be on Mom's computer, cause I just now had a crazy thought to post it, but couldn't find it on my hard drive. I think we're all relieved. Although a last year/this year pic might be fun... We'll try to take a good one on Thanksgiving and I'll put them both up. You'll see what a difference a year makes!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Thank YOU for hanging in there and reading my random ramblings. Oh, and tell me -- Where's the BEST Black Friday shopping?
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