Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Am I Thankful For?

I'm oh-so-thankful...
  • for my wonderful husband and best friend
  • that we've officially been together longer than we were apart (woot!)
  • that marriage sweetens with time and investment... we're more in love today than ever!
  • for our precious daughter, a beautiful new life given by God
  • for God's daily protection over us
  • for my Dad & Mom and their never-ending love, their Godly examples, and their constant encouragement to press on in Him
  • for my dear in-laws who never tire of loving and giving and lifting us up in prayer
  • for my brothers...all 4 are so special to me and always will be
  • for my sister-in-love and the handsome boys that fill her and my brother's life with joy & laughter
  • for the opportunity to live near my family for the time being
  • for the lessons God continues to teach me and that He never gives up!
  • for my Gramma who survived a stroke last January and is still with us
  • for my Pa & Granny who have been coming to church and having their lives miraculously changed
  • for a church family who has been just incredible and so much fun to work with
  • for friends far away who are always close in spirit
  • for the life of a dear old pastor who went home to be with the Lord this fall
  • for the basic needs that God always provides...not to mention most of the wants and desires, too!
Q: What are YOU thankful for?


Rosanna said...

yay for friends that are close in spirit! :) Love you!

Rosanna said...

by the way, how CUTE is your blog these days?

sethswifeforlife said...

love you, friend. And Happy Thanksgiving! There is SO much to be thankful for FOR sure! Hoping that this next year I'll be able to see you.

Enjoy the wonderful day with your family!

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