Monday, November 30, 2009

Redcast's Latest

If you read my blog often, (or happen to notice the banner at the top...), you'll find that one of my favorite things to do is plug my brothers' band, Redcast. Now, I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of sisters who try to help their brothers' fledgling garage bands make it to the big time. Well, I'm not one of them. Cause I don't need to be! They're already headed straight to the top -- I just like to brag. That's what this is. Big sister bragging rights.

So, Redcast did a Myspace release of their new original Christmas song! It's called Mistletoe and you'll love it! Kinda in the style of the "Pina Coladas" (our more appropriate name for The Bare Naked Ladies), it lends a fun and ironic twist to the romance of the season. Hurry! Go listen and love it!

By the way ~ Redcast Christmas Show on December 8th at the Olmschied Auditorium in St. Helens, Oregon. But of course you know that already if you read their blog. Tickets are $ (see that? like a restaurant review. only 1 dollar sign ($) and not 2 ($$) or 3 ($$$), so that means it's super affordable!) and you can buy them at the door!

And now that I've broken almost every rule of decent text design and style layout... I'll close. Oh, but don't worry. I haven't broken any copyright laws by using that image. I didn't steal it. I took it. Literally. Clicked the shutter button.

See you at the show!


Abby said...

LOVE that you can be the bragging big sister. They are great. Congrats to them and many well wishes on their Christmas concert. Wish we could attend! love ya~

Rosanna said...

Hahhahahaha, you make me laugh.

have fun promoting the bros, it's so great being a proud big sister, isn't it?

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