Monday, July 20, 2009

So many options!

Facebook, Twitter, email, texting...not to mention phone calls and letters... Who has time to blog anymore? Maybe it's just that I can't handle the unlimited number of characters I am allowed to type in a blog post!

I've been having fun with Twitter lately and doing my best to keep up with Facebook. I have more followers/friends on both of those social networking sites than I've ever had on any of my blogs! So I guess that's the draw.

Wow, I'm writing very distractedly right now and should probably just post this rambling blog and move on. If you're still reading, you're such a sweet friend!


sethswifeforlife said...

I still read. And I follow you on facebook too. I have decided not to do the twitter thing.

sethswifeforlife said...

oh, love & miss you!

Carne Family said...

I still check your blog. Miss seeing you and am sad that I have never met your baby girl. Hope you had a wonderful summer!

Cathy said...

Facebook definitely gets more traffic for me too, but I still love the blogs! Don't stop!

Colette said...

I miss and love you =]
maybe you can come visit us soon

Christine said...

Hi Cassidy,

I believe Alyssa forwarded you my message from Xanga. Thank you so much for adding me as a reader for your site!

I've been reading thorugh your year of deployment in my spare time. Just reading what other military wives (especially Christians because there is that hope and reliance on the Lord) are going/have gone through is very encourageing. Christian encouragement is hard to find sometimes! It just kills me when women talk about being glad their husbands are gone again for a while. I can't imagine that!!

My husband is in the Air Force and we still have a little over 10 years left in our commitment. Seems like such a long road before us at time, but God is SO very faithful!

Thanks for letting me get a glimpse into your life through your blog! May God continue to bless your precious family!

In Christ,
Christine Brown

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