Thursday, November 08, 2007

General Lameness

Nope. Not a real person. (Should be, though, maybe...?)

It has recently been brought to my attention that I have, indeed, been deplorabley LAME in the blogging sector. Does that even make sense?

Well, whatever it means, it sure sounds foreboding. To rescue us all from whatever terrible fate may befall us (or me) for being lame in the blogging sector, I shall write a quick update. We can all breathe easier now, I know.

Andrew has been back in Iraq for almost a month, and everything's going well. That is, if "well" can be defined as utter boredom punctuated by occasional excitement. But the reality is, if it's boring for him, then it's safe for the rest of the world. : ) And we're so thankful for that!

I have been keeping myself busy with redecorating the offices up at Dad's factory. This has included (but is not limited to) countless trips to the new Portland Disneyland that is called IKEA (yay!!), endless screws, pegs, and hinges to contend with upon assembly, and hours spent organizing like items which have heretofore been neatly (or otherwise) "stored" in haystack-like piles...and piles...and piles.

Now, so as not to demolish the reputations of Dad or my brothers ... there is a somewhat valid excuse in place. That being that the business recently moved. It seems that this alone is good reason for some of the less-used papers and files and supplies to be in a rather disorderly state.


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Anonymous said...

not a lame post. thanks :) wow -- sounds like lots of work -- but you're good at that type of work you organized person you. :) want to come to my place and help next?


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