Wednesday, April 02, 2008

this is a big deal, folks

I purchased this sticker at Ft. Stewart right after Andrew deployed and brought it to Oregon with me. We bought our Murano a year ago and I plastered the driver's window with it the day the car became mine. (Much to the chagrin of Jarrod, who considers any sticky vehicle adornment a direct insult to the vehicle, the maker, and human decency, in general. As do I. Except for in this case.)

Well, Andrew's no longer in Iraq. I know! He's not there. He's coming home to me. So today is the day of freedom! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

going crazy

It's only 6pm and already I just want to go to sleep so that tomorrow will come! This is like Christmas Eve. Only way more intense.

On the list of the 5 incoming flights left, Andrew's is now the 3rd one down!

Only just now (yes, even after previous exclamation-point-filled posts) - only just now, now that the sun is setting on my last day alone, am I really and truly letting myself (what am I saying? I have no control over this!) ... letting myself be thrilled all the way to my toes!

I'm going crazy here, friends.

I need to clean out some cupboards. Something productive.




Not weeks. Not days. We're talking hours, now.

And my parents and grandparents are on their way here! Andrew is somewhere probably over the ocean at this point.

AAAAHHHH! The last day has finally arrived! In case the inordinant number of exclamation points hasn't sufficiently relayed the message... I AM SO EXCITED!

Oh, I've missed Andrew for so long and I'm just about done missing him!

[big sigh]

I'm at the main office of our apartment complex right now on their "business center" computer. The *free* wireless that I was picking up at my apartment has been very elusive for the last day or so.

Today is hot here. It's beautiful! And I'm about to run and do some beautiful grocery shopping. And grab a beautiful coffee. And everything is just beautiful!
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