Monday, July 30, 2007

Now That Andrew's Moved...

He convoyed his way back to Camp Ramadi this last week. It seems as though Corregidor's usefulness to "the mission" had expired. And so it's back to the big FOB. It was sure a nice break to be able to stay in Corregidor so much longer than we'd first thought! Now he's back to the 12-hour shifts with headphones on his ears. But really, change is welcome. It makes days go by. Even if we just spend them complaining about it! : )

Andrew's looking at getting internet into his room, but for now he just uses the computers at the computer bank when he has a minute. And since he's on a more supervised work shift than he was in Corregidor, there's no skipping out to make a quick phone call home. At least not like it was. So I talk to him before work, now...and then he can usually call me quick right before I go to sleep to pray with me and close out the day. It is much more limited than it was in Corregidor. But we're doing fine and adjusting to the new schedule. And we know that this is only a short season! Just under 8 weeks, in fact! And then Andrew gets to come home for a little visit. I feel like I've been holding my breath all year long.

Prayer Request:

This may sound cryptic, but...Please pray that Andrew is able to keep the phone. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!

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