Thursday, September 13, 2007

Forecast Facts & Countdown Conundrums

Andrew's leave has finally made its way into the real, live 10-day forecast! I can actually see the close reality of sharing a day in the same place. Andrew and I should be together on the 22nd. Partly cloudy with a high of 71. Gorgeous! For *both* of us. Together. In the same time zone. The same state. Same city. Weather.

We still don't know the exact date/time of his arrival at PDX, but we do know that he's leaving Ramadi on what will be the 19th for him, the 18th for me.

As the time nears, we are left in wonderment and slight confusion as to how to count that down. My countdowns all say 5 days and so many hours...and yet that's counting to the first minute of September 19, Pacific Standard Time. Yes, he leaves the 19th. But *his* 19th. And we don't know the hour. He's almost at 4 days til he leaves on a chopper, my countdowns still report 5+. Then he'll have a couple or few days of travel - depending on conditions - before he makes it all the way to Portland. My best guess is that I'll see him on my 21st of September. And that's just not on any countdown. (whew!)

Reminds me a bit of the second coming of Jesus... "You won't know the day or the hour. But be ready, cause I'm coming!"

I'm ready!


Philip and Kate Kangas said...

Cassidy, this is the first I've heard of YOUR blog, and it's wonderful to catch up on your life. Philip and I just read through the last couple posts. Our first response was, Oh how our hearts hurt for you and your separation. But your reunion will be so very sweet. Clearly, like Andrew said, your steel is getting fired, and you will be so strong. I hope your 18 days of togetherness are blessed and perfect - I hope God makes the sun stand still.

Cathy said...

Boy, you must really be chompin at the bit! I know I definitely would be! Can't wait to see you guys together again!

sethswifeforlife said...

I can't wait for the togetherness and all that sameness for you to enjoy blissfully to happen VERY soon for you two!
Love you and praying for those days that the clock will stand still and time won't fly by once he is here.

Nate and Robyn Copper said...

A much 'deserved' time together and dido Abby in that days and time would stand still for you once he's here. Been thinking of you.

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