Tuesday, July 01, 2008

harper's together!

William, Amanda, and Benji are in the process of moving about 4 hours away to the other far side of Georgia. So last weekend, we all met up in Columbus to see their new place! Looks like a great set-up for them and it was fun, as always, to be with family! 
(If this picture seems awkward, it's because it was. My camera was perched precariously on a conglomeration of steps, wallet, and cell phone in an attempt to capture us at the right angle. Mercifully, I didn't fall on my way down and into the pose!) 


Cathy said...

I love trying to finagal my camera on something to get a picture and then trying to make it back without bumping it or like you said, falling on my face (which I've done before!) Great picture of the familia!

Carne Family said...

Cass I love the Baby countdown stuff. Hope you are feeling better at this point.

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