Sunday, October 01, 2006

Marching Orders

The phrase has a whole new meaning.

So does an email I received last week entitled Official Deployment Notification. Dang. That's hard news to hear while my Soldier is away from me and I'm missing him more than ever.

You may have seen the headlines last week about the U.S. Army sending more troops to Iraq. Yes, we've seen it a hundred times. This time, however, that headline hurts. It means my husband is going. That part at the end about the Georgia-based 3rd Infantry Division...that's us.

The official news is that Andrew's brigade (1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division) will be deployed in January for a 12-month tour of duty in Iraq. I already miss him.

We have been dealing with the ominous news pretty well for being separated. My family has been such a support to us both, and I've been trying to communicate that to Andrew in spite of mostly impossible cell phone service and frustrating circumstances.

We're so grateful for the 5 1/2 or maybe 6 months of marriage that God is granting us before he has to go! Except for this 3 weeks of training, and another night or 2 earlier, we've been together every single day and loving life together.

I'm still in Oregon, but I leave on Wednesday. And I'm counting the days until I can see my Baby again... Sunday or Monday, last we heard. I can't wait!

Then we count the days until he leaves for a year. Then we'll count the days til his return. Lots of counting. Every day I'm with him I just wish time would stop. Every day we're apart, I pray it will hurry. So many new feelings. So many new lessons.

Christ in us. The hope of glory! It's what we can cling to as we take each new step He lays before us. Our hands in His, He guides us. Through mountaintops and valleys, He will not forsake us, no matter what comes.


Abs said...

Praying for you, my dear. Love you. And God loves you both SO much. Even this is part of HIS plan for your lives and for your marriage. He will make Himself so much more real to you every day.

Anonymous said...

hey, cass. I'm sorry to hear the confirmed news for both of your sakes. You know God will see you through, and in fact this will work together for good, and in fact, is just what God has had planned and is planning to use to make you two all the more in love with each other and Himself.

Just thought I'd let you know my site is officially shut down. Long story. My lot in life, I suppose, of living in an aquarium. Nothing of course compared to a husband being a way for awhile though. And nothing God hasn't seen me through before.

love you so much, Cass. I cried when I read this feeling your hearts there. Not that it will matter much, but I will be seeing your while he's away. I will come, just say when.


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