Thursday, October 12, 2006

Meet Corporal Harper

This morning, Andrew was promoted from "Specialist-Promotable Harper, Andrew K." to "Corporal Harper, Andrew K."

To make it even better, I was not only invited to attend the brief formation "ceremony," but as his wife, I was the one to promote him. That meant that I stood in front of the company next to him as his orders were read, then at the right time, I turned to face him, took off his Specialist rank, and replaced it with the new Corporal patch.

Then it's tradition to haze the promoted Soldier by punching him in the rank. Whether it be shoulders, collar, sternum, whatever. So I playfully punched him in the chest (cause everyone was expecting it), then gave him a kiss on the lips to make it better.

Later he was surrounded by his fellow Soldiers as they congratulated him. One or two hit him pretty hard. Nice. At least it's not like it was even recently when the ranks were metal pins. Punching those drew blood and that seemed to be the cool thing to do.

Remember back when he passed the board? That made him promotable and his lateral promotion was to Corporal. It finally happened this morning because all his paperwork went through. The next thing is to build up his promotion points until he's eligible for a forward promotion to Sergeant.

I'm so proud of him! The Army is not an easy job.

I handed my camera to Andrew's Sergeant and she took pictures for us. Here are a few.

Me getting quick instructions from the 1st Sergeant.

Andrew at attention as his orders are being read.

My turn to pin my Soldier!

Capt. Pressley gives a charge to the new Army Corporal of A Company, 1st Brigade, 3rd ID.


Abs said...

Cass, How cool is that! The wife of a Corporal you are. :-)
And major CONGRATS to Andrew on the promotion!
Great job you two! You make an awesome team!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Well Pleased.
Dad & Mom

Anonymous said...

I love the photos and your report! Congratulations to both of you -- we love you so much.

your loving mother (and dad)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Congratulations from the Matchaks! Way to go Corporal Andrew on your promotion, way to go Cass on the pinning. :o) Where were YOUR camos? We love you and miss you lots, take care and the Lord bless!
Sarah for the Matchaks

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both! Cass, did you practice the pinning at home? or just the kiss and the punch? ;)

glad you have pics of it! what a special time. And way to go Andrew!


Sarah said...

Wow!!!!! :-) Remember meeting in Chigago? You, Wes, Andrew, and me. And then the drive to Somerset? Andrew was SO SO SO excited having just joined the Army days before. And now he's a corporal and you are his bride. Our Lord writes the loveliest of stories. Wow. :-)

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