Wednesday, November 08, 2006

6-day Weekend??

Yeah, it is possible.

Andrew's been in a dialect class for the last couple weeks. It's supposed to end tomorrow, but the instructors let them be done early this morning! Which means that they just won't go in tomorrow, only for PT early in the morning. So he's been home most all of today (napping on the couch, now!), and then after PT tomorrow, he's off until next Tuesday cause of the Veteran's Day 4-day weekend.

And we have big plans, too! A little pre-Thanksgiving dinner at our house on Friday with William & Amanda, and another Christian couple new to the area. Then Friday night, Andrew's parents and grandma will arrive from Arkansas and stay til Sunday. (They're bringing us a car to borrow for the next couple months! -- We are surely blessed in the "great parents" category!)

I'm so glad Andrew has a little time off before the weekend. It's always more fun to prepare for company together!

Time is going to fly by as we have a fun and busy weekend coming up, then 4 days back at work before we take 2 weeks' leave for the Thanksgiving holiday. We get to see both sides of our family beginning in Arkansas, and then traveling out to Oregon the week after Thanksgiving.

Can't wait to see everyone!


Anonymous said...

live it up! oh, and glad for all that Thanksgiving time off too to see family --


Abs said...

Love you and miss you.
Have a great few days! So, is a 6 Day Weekend the same as a 6 Day Week? :-)
you're great....

Anonymous said...

I've heard you are quite the cook.
The kids and I would LOVE to see you for a short time while you are out here. I'm so happy for you that you get this time off to be with each other.


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