Monday, December 04, 2006

The Spill, Free Peter Young, and Seth Phillips Brock

All seemingly odd and unrelated mutterings, and yet it is my brother, Seth, who brings them all together with his brilliant writing, genius composing, and just being himself.

The Spill: Seth's Blog. Allow his "About Me" from The Spill to speak for itself.

Name:Seth Brock

Thanks for reading The Spill! When I'm not writing, I'm busy with school. When I'm not busy with school, I'm busy with my music. When I'm not busy with my music, I sit staring blankly at the wall as precious moments of life slip through my fingers. This only lasts for a short while, after which I suck on a lemon, maybe do a few push-ups, and get back to writing...

Free Peter Young: The name of his band. He's recently recorded his first single, Autumn Waltz. Critics agree it's " instant classic!" Go to his music MySpace, listen to his songs, and add them to your site! Or just go to mine to hear it. (But you gotta add me as a friend...)

Can't tell I'm proud, can you? I know you'll agree.


Anonymous said...

you've every reason to be proud.

love u


Abs said...

wow....VERY creative, intriguing, um, just VERY cool. Great job, Seth! When are they going to do a concert in TX? We'd give him a SA crowd. :-)
You've got some cool, incredible bro's, Cass. Although I know you already know that.
Like Lys said you've every right to be proud.
Fun stuff.

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