Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Inflation...I guess.

Why do they keep raising stamp prices? From $.39 to $.41 just like that!

Even worse is the price hike on our beloved flat rate boxes. No longer will I hear "That'll be $8.10. Unless you'd like insurance on that?"

It was sad day in the Post Office line. Today, for the first time, the sweet lady behind the counter had to say, "Your total is $8.95. Would you like a book of 41-cent stamps with that?"

And I said, "Yes."

On a lighter note, she told me about a local chapter of the Red Hat Society who are making it their business to send boxes to Soldiers that they know of so that those Soldiers can share with others who may not receive care packages. She asked if she could give them my husband's name. "Sure thing!"

Then, as I sat in my car outside the Post Office, glancing through my mail, I looked up when I heard the tap on my window. I opened my door to the nicest lady who only said, "God bless you and your husband."

Angels do come in all shapes and sizes... and - apparently - hat colors!

1 comment:

Mrs. Bouldin said...

hey Cass ...

You should get the "Forever Stamps". They will last forever ... lol. I didn't realize the flat rate boxes were going up also. I guess people are sticking with emails now. i hope you and andrew are doing well!!

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