Thursday, May 31, 2007

Leave Dates Have Changed

And will most likely change again -- maybe several times -- before Andrew actually gets to come home for his two weeks! It's now looking like end of September rather than middle. Which doesn't seem like a big deal, but you try counting every hour of every day, and being almost to your 100 day mark, and then finding that you have to go backwards??!! But I can't bring myself to stop counting.


Karen Brock said...

You two are amazingly steadfast in your faith. Your dependence on God is inspiring, and God will keep blessing that. I love you both so much. We're always praying, always believing, and always full of love. We serve a mighty God Who keeps supplying the grace.

Your proud, loving mom

Mrs. Bouldin said...

I'm praying for yall. I really hope he is able to make it home soon for his R&R! I count, too. It's hard to not count. Just always keep in mind that it can change and always know the God is in control. God has his reasons for not bringing him home when he was scheduled to.

In Him,

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