Friday, October 10, 2008

21 and counting...

21 pounds, that is. Not weeks.

Back in my first trimester, just a few short months ago, I remember lamenting the fact that I couldn't eat anything without being sick! (I'll never forget guzzling a glass of refreshing sweet tea at a bbq place in Savannah only to run to the restroom and lose it all! Yeah, still cold! Yuck.) Nothing would stay down, it seemed. Even my favorite foods were repulsive. I wished for the day I could eat more than crackers and Sprite. I wondered if I would ever see food the same way again? Will I still love pizza? BBQ? Chopped salad? Mexican food? Spaghetti? Diet Coke?

Well, here I am at week 26 of 40 and - apparently - I had nothing to worry about. The appetite came back with a vengeance! I LOVE FOOD! Ha! I've never weighed this much in my life. Truly. Yeah, I'm used to seeing three digits on the scale...but these three?? And in this order??

I really wish I didn't hate to exercise. But there are just so many better things to spend my time on, you know?

Like eating.


sethswifeforlife said...

I completely relate right now. Although I'm halfway to where you are, so I'm not liking food too much right now. I didn't keep much down all day, but tonight I craved lettuce wraps at Pei Wei, that's all that sounded good. So, off we went with the kids in tow, and now here I sit cramping up and trying not to lose it all. I don't know when I'll go there again!!! My favorite place now seems repulsive at the moment. Man, that's just no fun, is it?
Glad you are doing well, and baby is growing, although that means you have to grow too (that's the tough part!) But it'll all be worth it, and I can't believe that you're almost in your 3rd trimester!
love & miss you!
Like the new look on your blog too!

Hannah said...

Ha, this is so funny Cass! I haven't had a problem with food from the beginning. Seem to be able to keep everything down, it just makes me feel sick no matter what though. I am hoping I haven't gotten too much of a head start of on this weight gain issue! It kinda scares me a little I am not gonna lie! And I hear ya about the exercise! At this point I am just too tired most days! I am getting better at it cause I am feeling better more then worse but still. Anyway thanks for the update!

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