Thursday, October 09, 2008

how time flies!

This has been a 3-week whirlwind since we've arrived in Oregon! We've moved out of my parents' and into a little red house in St. Helens. My dad bought this house about a year ago and it was the family "flip this house" project for a while. I even helped! Caulking, painting, finishing all the trim, etc. while Andrew was deployed.

When the housing market tanked, it wouldn't sell! Or rent! A few times, papers were even signed only to fall through. Dad began to refer to the house - affectionately, of course - as the "flip flop."

Then we came to town. And all of a sudden it became clear that God had saved that house just for us! So now we're renting a house with three bedrooms, a huge bonus room, a brand new bathroom and kitchen, all new appliances, cabinets, fixtures, windows, blinds, carpet, hardwood... I remember that as we were working on the house last year we wondered over and over, "This is just an old fixer-upper house! Why are we putting so much time, effort, and high quality stuff in here??"

We are thanking God (and Dad!) every day for our "new" house! What a blessing. And our landlords are so easy to work with! *smile*

I've yet to take pictures of the house. That's probably because the yard is a weedy mess right now and the inside isn't much better! But when I can, I will. And I promise to post them.

For now, we're just having fun moving in and setting up house. And finally getting out of boxes and luggage and zipper bags and travel cases. And deciding on new paint for the baby's room.

Andrew's been working at a temporary job that was available right when we needed it! But we've got our eyes open for the next thing, hopefully much closer to home.

This life is one adventure after another as we continually learn to draw close to the Lord and walk with Him every day, for every decision, in everything. He keeps showing Himself faithful to us and we don't deserve His love and intimate care. Praise Him!


Rosanna said...

Awesome, Cass! I can't wait to see pictures, or maybe even see it in person...? ;)

Cathy said...

That is a really great story! God does provide.

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