Thursday, July 28, 2011

5-Minute Kitchen Makeover

Okay, well I didn't make over the whole kitchen in 5 minutes! Lord knows it would take longer than that! But as I buzzed through the house cleaning up after we put the girls to bed last night, I was suddenly motivated to deal with this:

Yes, it is as you might fear. A year's worth of the best photos that have come to our mailbox. Well maybe all of the photos. Because everyone knows photo albums are pretty much dead to us...(I mean, who really gets their digital images printed and albumized anymore??) So where else would you save the graduation/wedding/baby/merry christmas! pictures from friends and family? Some might say "throw them away after a few months." But not me! We love to see and think of and pray for our loved ones (we live thousands of miles away from most of them) and it sure helps if you can see them right there in your kitchen!

But, really. The side of our fridge was adding serious eye-clutter to an already full stuffed tiny kitchen.

So in less time than it took me to write this post, I pulled all those pictures and magnets down, and found a new home for the pics.

It even seemed to make the kitchen brighter. Haha! But much easier on the eyes, wouldn't you say? And here's what I did with the prints:

A while back I'd hung those three BLACK-but maybe-I'll-paint-them-white-someday organizers, and I finally had a great use for the seagrass bulletin board one! So there our loved ones are immortalized in plain view. Just much less cluttered.

I just love 5-minute makeovers of any kind, don't you?

P.S. To any of you who noticed the leading tower of fridge... (it's...leaning. -- name that movie) That's an issue of its very own. We rent. It's not entirely our fault. But now that it's so white and clear and glaringly leaning, maybe we'll do something about it soon.

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Rosanna said...

"Hey Lucy, is this guy bothering' ya? 'Cuz it looks like he's *leaning*" Hahahaha :)

Your house looks cute! And the fridge is way better empty; I hate cluttery fridges. Well, I don't like clutter of any kind, really.

This reminds me that we should send out those picture card things sometime.

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