Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sew...What should I do?

I have a perplexing situation: I feel like sewing. Well, that's not really the perplexing part. My hesitancy comes in the fact that were I to fetch my very old (my great-grandmother's) sewing machine from the attic and attempt to use it, I'll run into at least 2 hurdles: one, no manual and I have forgotten everything about it, and two, it will need a tune-up which will run about 50 greenbacks.

I have found small Singer machines on and for around 80 greenbacks. I don't need a very fancy machine, just one that works. So I could get a low-end one and be fine for the few things I wish to create.

Should I use my very old sewing machine ($50) or buy a new little one ($80)?

You'd be asking these questions, too, if you saw all the great non-homemade-looking sewing projects I've run across on Pinterest!

Here are a few:
 Up-cycled t-shirts!

 baby quilt LOVE

 baby bubble skirt. adorbs.

retro style reversible pinafore. gah!


Lonna said...

Ok, so this is my third and final attempt at posting my comment!
Go retro! It's tried and true, gives you an extra $30 upwards fabric and patterns (which are holy smokes spendy,try Oliver+S by the way) and you can google a manual. I have a cheap one that was my moms and parts are broken on it, like the little do hicky that holds the bobbin, yeah. My dad widdled some wood to fit in there, but I'm sure you can guess how well that's working.
Goog luck!

Kim B said...

How about I let you use my Bernina and you make me that super cool quilt???

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