Friday, August 18, 2006

A Household Miracle

After much pondering as to how to keep linoleum clean with a broom and less-than-perfect dustpan (you know, the one where the edge never seems to clearly or evenly touch the floor, allowing the greater percentage of "the pile" to escape under the dustpan)...

...And being of the school of thought that one cannot merely swish things around and call it clean. Rather, the offending dust, dirt, debris must be permanently done away with.

...Furthermore, realizing that if the floor is to be clean, I am the one to do it. It is now my house. My kitchen. My bathrooms. (Aaack.)

My thoughts immediately turned to suction! Vacuum cleaners are magical in that they cause evil dirt to disappear on contact. (Nevermind that there is always some filter, somewhere to be reckoned with.)

And then I saw a commercial, and my problems were solved. (Now, how often does that happen??)

The Swiffer Sweep+Vac is a modern household miracle. It's a cordless vacuum AND broom in one! With a swivel head, disposable sweeping cloths, and the vacuum for larger objects...the dirt and gunk is gone and my floors stay clean!

Plus, it's fun to use. The broom is only for the sidewalk, now.

$30 retail

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why did it only take you like a month of marriage what it took me near10 years to figure out?! I just got a little vac. for my tile floors in the kitchen this summer!

And yet, with all going on around here, what do I do ?
I grab the broom and sweep cause I don't want to take the time to plug in the little vac. and then have to put the cord all back nice and neat when I'm done. Sometimes, when it's really bad in the kitchen, I just want to let the three dogs in and let them just lick it all up. It would save having to tell Scott to feed them that day. :) But I like to walk barefoot in the kitchen, so that doesn't work.

Crazy, I know.

I love your domestic side tips. You could be the next Martha Stewart - - don't get into stocks and companies and lying though, cause I won't comment on here if you do.

love you so much.
hope you had a good day.

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