Friday, August 11, 2006

Strawberry Freezer Jam

I decided I wanted to make freezer jam while Andrew was gone.

Why, you might ask? Why do you feel the need to can something just three and a half weeks into your marriage? You? A girl who cans nothing, ever? Well, even if you didn't ask all that, I did. After I'd already begun. (Story of my life...right, Mom?)

Well, I took a little time to consider my reasoning and how I came to the obvious conclusion that I must immediately make freezer jam.

A few factors:

1. The other day, Andrew and I had a conversation about jam vs. jelly vs. preserves. Not a big deal, except that I bought a jar of what was labeled "jam" and it ended up to me looking like what I've always called "jelly." You know, no seeds, no chunks. It was then that I realized we usually go for the "preserves."

2. Not wanting to have to deal with definitions in the near future, I thought I'd rather have jars of freezer jam to be able to pull out as needed. No need to buy anything!

3. The strawberry season watched its peak come and go (both in Oregon and Georgia). Even though they were beginning to look terrible, the grocery stores were still carrying them. Having no idea about berry seasons in this part of the country, and therefore no clue as to what would come next, or when, or if it's all done for the year...I knew I should act quickly and grab up the pitiful strawberries.

Well, I was still hulling and slicing clean berries when he did get home last evening. And, sweet as he is, he jumped right in and helped me finish the jam. He stirred the pectin and even ran to the store to get the right size of jars!

Yeah, so I don't know why "freezer jam" things hit me every once in a while. But there's usually a darn good reason or two behind it!


Anonymous said...

You're hilarious. In all nine years of my marriage I've never even tried to attempt something life freezer jam!
That boggles my mind to just think of it -- how in the world? I'm impressed with you deary.

Ya know, there were somethings I did first because of marriage, and well, there are somethings you are definetly doing first. Freezer jam. It just never hit me that could be a bonding moment for my husband and I. You're good. Keep it up. I'm sure it says somewhere that if you make strawberry freezer jam from old strawberries in the first four weeks of marriage, it's good luck, or at least - it's the sign of a true homemaker?

Oh, I love you and miss you and want to go talk over a good cup of coffee, even though we both know I don't really drink coffee... I just pretend... and that I always get the carmel frap even in the dead of winter.

hope the jam tastes like the jam you were wanting.

Anonymous said...

hum, why do I always spell check after I log in and publish? what in the heck is "life freezer jam?"

I think it's when it just stays in the freezer and you don't eat it...

Abs said...

So, how did it taste? :-)
I just love the way you ENFJ's's a gift I don't have. Keep it up....
love you....

Becky said...

This is pretty priceless. Reminds me of a time I thought I could make Pumpkin Pie, it only took one time, I learned. Your Granny makes the best strawberry freezer jam and I just bet you got this skill through pure genes. It happens, I can mow the lawn like Pa.
Aunt Becky

Seth said...

I MISS YOU! It's killer not having you here! I'm going to see you soon though, so that's good.

I'm trying to write lyrics to a song right now. It's hard though, cuz everything I'm writing is so... dark, or something. Really depressing stuff. A second ago I wrote a line that went something like "...the heart which bled... blah blah blah... a deeper shade of red..." Seriously! What's with this depression? Who do I think I am, Edgar Allen Poe? So yeah, now I'm listening to happy music and I'm thinking of you, so perhaps my lyrics will "brighten" soon!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi~ I am trying peach cobbler right now in honor of You there in GA. since isn't that like the peach state or something? Robert took of for the grocery store to grab icecream just in case it comes out not so good and we need to swelter the taste by tons of creamy calories.

I could jar the cobbler and freeze it and call it "peach freezer cobbler" -- but I don't think if I took a picture of it all stuffed ina jar it would look as pretty as your freezer jam.

By the way, I am just sure there is a county fair somewhere round there you could enter your jam in. You could get a ribbon or something cool for it.

Shelton just saw the peaches baking and said, "Why are you cooking macaroni?" Bad sign.

love you!

Perky said...

Hiya, Cass! Strawberry Freezer Jam? - Never heard of it, but I'm impressed!

I am sure Georgia is lovin' having you around! And Andrew I'm sure is soaking up every minute of it! :-) Maybe you shouldn't give him too much sugar for a while... ;-)

Anonymous said...

good for you. Hope when you pull it out of the freezer it tastes like summertime! I didn't make any this year because strawberries in Ohio are expensive. That was my excuse anyway.
I can relate to being in a new place with a husband gone at night. Like tonight. No fun. Sounds like you are keeping up a brave face though. Me too.
Sure hated to miss your big day. The pictures are beautiful, but probably not as beautiful as real life.
Love hearing about your new adventures.

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