Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Welcome to FTX

FTX means something like "Field Training Exercise" in Army terminology. (Which would make it FTE, or else we ought to add an "E" to the FTX like "FTeX." Well, it's not up to me.) Onward.

FTX also means that Andrew has to be gone for anywhere from a night to a week or more doing this training with his company. In this case, my first experience with FTX means that he's got to be "in the field" for the next 2 nights. He packed up last night and this morning and headed out after breakfast. He'll be home sometime on Thursday.

FTX (at last) means "Finish Thank Yous."

So, Andrew's in the field and I'm in the house and we're both doing FTX. One way or another.

God Bless the USA.

Cassidy Lena Harper


Anonymous said...

Hi Cass~ hope FTX flies by fast for both of you there!

I love you and miss you -- somehow I feel though that you are closer in miles... it seems I should be able to get in the car and come over and keep you company while you finish thank yous there or something.

Loved all your wedding pics. Can you believe it will be a month so soon since then?

Pray for you daily ~ thanks for posting!

Jess said...

Hey Cass!! Glad you started this blog! You've been in my prayers, and I hope everything continues to go well! I've seen some wedding pics, and you look absolutely GORGEOUS! :-D

Karen B. said...

Since lending me their cable for my computer, the boys are also interested in FTX -- Fixing The Xbox.

Abs said...

Hey girl! I know it's gotta be rough! And I'm sure you can't wait til he's in your playing field. :-)
Love & miss you!

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