Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the BEST day of the year

Today is my favorite holiday. And it's only ever marked on a handful of calendars. It's only ever handwritten in various loving scripts and prints. But I want the world to know!

Andrew Kirk Harper

My best friend, my love, my hero, my husband, was born on this day, 28 years ago. And this is the first birthday I get to spend with him! I think on his last birthday I managed to send him an ecard... Hey, we were "just" friends! This year I bought him something really cool and I wish I could tell you, but he'll read this before it's time to open it, and I've worked this hard, I'm not ruining the surprise now! Are ya curious, though??

He's at work right now, but it should be a short day. Tomorrow is off, so we're gonna party tonight! William, Amanda, and Benj are meeting us at a fun burger place for dinner, then me and the Birthday Boy are gonna see a movie. Not sure which, yet.

Andrew's mom, Charlotte, is the Queen of the Day in my book. She became a Mom on this day in 1979. Thank you, Mom! Words can never express my gratefulness to you. But please know that I am indebted to you for life. It's been said that the way a son is with his mother is how he will be with his wife. Thanks for making him like he is. Because he's just perfect.

Let the celebration begin!

"And those who know Your Name will put their trust in You,
For You, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You."
Psalm 9:10


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!! Have an awsome day with your cute little wifey and celebrate hard, thanking the Lord for all the time you have together NOW. We'll be praying for you.

lots of love to you both,
Sarah M

Karen B. said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew! What a good photo! May I ask who your photographer is? ;)

Will be so glad when we celebrate our day together!

Your loving m-i-l

Abby said...

Hope your birthday was wonderful Andrew and a special one you'll remember. And I'm sure your wife gave you a really cool present. :-)
God bless you guys. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Jarrod T. Brock said...

happy birthday bro! sorry I am kind of late- oops! ha- well, I had to create my very own blogspot just to be able to type this! sheeesh- well, now I am a blogger so that's cool. Miss you guys a ton- I plan on giving you a call before you leave! Love ya- take care-

WellPleased said...

I cant take the credit for how he turned out but that day 28 years ago sure was a special time for Dad & me. Thank you so much for the flowers! We agree he's a great guy :))))
Love, Mom & Dad Harper

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