Friday, January 12, 2007

the worst day of the year

Funny that they should follow each other in such close sequence... But here it is.

Andrew has to be at the Company on Monday morning at 6am. A bus to Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, a plane to New York, then on to Kuwait (after a layover somewhere in Europe), where he should land within 48 hours or so of leaving here.

So yeah. Monday will be the worst day of my year.

He's all packed up and ready to go. Now we're working on getting me ready to move to Oregon. Let me tell you it's no fun to pack up my stuff, knowing that I'm not going with my new husband and that he's not coming with me.

I'm gonna go spend some time with him while I still can.

Keep checking for updates, mailing/shipping addresses, etc. Lots of love and thanks for your prayers.


Sarah said...

GodSpeed Andrew! You will be in our prayers this year for sure, and I will be keeping up with Cass on how you're doing. I will be praying especially hard for you Cass, doesn't seem fair, but our God is the God of gods and His timing is perfect. Be sure to give us mailing addresses and stuff... our family will be praying!
lots of love to you both,

Anonymous said...

The kids have already started praying every meal that Andrew will come home soon and that Cassidy will not be soooooo sad (Halley's version). We are definitely thinking of you both at this time.

Nate and Robyn

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