Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well, he's there now and I've been able to talk to him a few times already! Probably because it's been a settling-in time and he doesn't quite have a rigid schedule, yet.

What he can see of Kuwait looks interesting. He's on a really huge post with a phone center, a PX (store), an internet "cafe," and even a coffee shop of sorts. He's not sure of anything quite yet, but he'll probably be in Kuwait for a week or two before being moved to Iraq.

I talked to him at midnight my time, 8am for him. Just when I get used to figuring +8 hours, I'll move to Oregon where it's +11. But that seems easier to deal with, doesn't it? Just take away 1 and switch from AM to PM. Or vice versa. Yeah, that'll be easy.

We're both doing just fine. Missing each other and life and just trusting God to take us through the next moment. But it's good that we're both very busy and distracted with new things for him and lots of work for me.

2 days down...

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