Thursday, February 01, 2007

Finally in Ramadi

Yep! Andrew rode on a massive helicopter with about 30 others and all their gear today...or was that yesterday? To him? Or yesterday to me? It's a little confusing... Anyway, they made it to Camp Ramadi where it sounds like they may be for a couple weeks before any splitting up or moving occurs.

I do finally have an address for him. The scuttlebutt was that they were just now changing the APO address, or something of the sort. But no matter, I'm going to send a Valentine's Day box to him tomorrow and we'll just test out the address.

I've posted it in the left margin here on this page. I say we use it for now and change it later if we have to. If you want ideas of what he could use or what he would like, just ask!

If you send him anything, be sure to use the "flat rate" boxes from your Post Office. They honor their flat rate of $8.10 (normally domestic U.S. only) if you're sending something to a soldier overseas, and you can fill it as full - and make it as heavy - as you can!

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Anonymous said...

Very good to know about the shipping. The kids wanted to know if he has any play dough? 'Cause "it's good for when it's dark and not bedtime" says Nate Jr. Also, glad to hear that he made it okay. We're lifting you both up daily.

The Coppers

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