Sunday, February 04, 2007

He Still Works Miracles...

I've just got to tell you what God did for me the other night!

The phone system is such that Andrew's the one who has to call me, I can't just call him whenever I want. So lately, he's been going to bed early, waking up around midnight, and calling me from the phone center (which is never busy that time of night). That makes it around 11am or noon for me whenever he calls. Then he goes right back to bed. It's a good system.

At my nighttime, then, I listen to the prayer and message that Andrew recorded for me before he left. Friday night, however, I was up writing Andrew a long email, and by the time I was nearing the end, I was just overcome with missing him and my tears flowed freely, dropping on my lap as I attempted to wrap up and send the email. I got ready for bed and still couldn't shake the sadness and grief of not only missing him, but realizing just how much longer this has got to go on this way. As I laid in my old bed, in my old room at my parents' house, the loneliness covered me like a cloud and I couldn't stop the "rain."

I cried and prayed and simply called the Name of Jesus when other words escaped me. I told Him how much I missed Andrew and how good it would be to hear his voice right now. "Please, Lord," I prayed, "please let Andrew call me."

I knew this was impossible because it was the middle of Andrew's day when he was probably in training or working and it was 2am for me. And he never calls me in the middle of my night.

It was not minutes after I'd prayed for the impossible that my cell phone rang out! It was my loving husband who had been prompted to call me even though I should have been asleep.

God heard me! He listened to my cries and He caused Andrew to call me and let me hear his voice to know that I wasn't alone in this fight. I heard his encouragement, his love, his assurances that we were gonna make it, that he's gonna stay safe, and that he's so proud of me. And he shared a Scripture that he'd found very applicable that day in I Peter 5 --

"And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you. To Him be the dominion forever and ever. Amen."

Isn't our God faithful? He wanted to show me His love and to prove to me that He was watching and hearing everything. He is intimately acquainted with my grief and His heart is toward me. Together, He is guiding us step by step. No pain is wasted.

Andrew and I are learning together to abide in His love and to trust in His grace and in the purposes of His pruning. He only desires more glory. He only wants us to bear more fruit. And He has promised to restore what was lost, and to confirm, strengthen, and establish us when this short time of suffering is completed.

To Him be all glory forever!


Robyn said...

Cass- Makes me cry with you. For me, the times 'away' from each other I only looked back on them and was able to say 'God's hand was in that'. You have a great perspective already in understanding God's best for your life right now. Thanks for sharing... It's not easy to admit we cry when we do (at least for me sometimes). Loving you.


Joy said...

cass that was beautiful. so glad you posted that. Know I am praying for both of you. :)

Rainbo said...

It is so moving to read your blog. We have been down in Arkansas and did not get back until last night. Thank you so much for sending the link. It really is a blessing to read what is going on in both your lives.

I have an Internet friend who also has a husband in Iraq. Would you mind if I send her a link to your blog? I think your introspect into how the Lord is working in your lives during this time would really help her.

BTW-I too have a blog. Haven't posted in a while but will try to catch up on it soon. Here is the link to my blog.

God bless and comfort both of you during the trying time in your lives.

(Aunt)Irene & (Uncle)Bennie Harper

Abby said...

Cass...that brought chills over me and tears too. wow...yes, God is so faithful to you two! He loves and cares for you so much. He hears us when we cry out to Him and he lovingly answers us in ways that we are beyond blessed.
love you muchly girl, and don't stop lifting you two up in prayer.

rosannabud said...

Oh Cass, you made me cry for you when I read that. I can't imagine being so far away for so long from the one whom you've finally found! Isn't it so asurring that God, the same God that brought you two together in the first place (looked impossible at times, didn't it?) will bring you back together, and will keep you together? I know that He's working deep treasures of faith and strength in your heart as you wait on Him and trust that He is GOOD. I love you so much! You are both in our prayers constantly. ~R

PS. Remember the song I told you about on my visit to see you in September right before Rob and I got engaged? God Moves In A Mysterious Way (William Cowper) Re-read the lyrics- they give much strength in times of "frowning providence". *hug*

Link to the song on my old Xanga:

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