Saturday, February 24, 2007

An It's-About-Time-For-An-Update Update

Andrew is doing great! He's getting settled in at his barracks and trying to get used to the 12 hour/day, 7 days/week shift! The bright spot does come on Friday when he only has to work 6 hours. Whew! It's nice for him to get off work at 6pm instead of midnight just once. That way he actually has an evening to catch up on things and to check in with family. And get to bed early for a change.

It has been good for Andrew to finally get to use the skills that he's trained 3 years for. He's too humble to tell you this, but he's by far the best linguist in his unit and they need his talents! It's so rewarding to finally have his work respected. And this by the Marines that they're working under in Ramadi. My husband is brilliant. I'm so proud of him!

We just have 6 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days until he comes to Oregon on leave! Not that we're counting days or anything... and we are already 1/10th of the way through this deployment. Time actually is moving.

As for me, it's been wonderful to be in Oregon surrounded by family and friends and love. I've been staying busy which has been nice. It makes the days go by! It's been fun going to the gym with Jenny at least a couple times a week (I have a new respect for Step class...), meeting with the ladies for a Bible Study on Wednesday mornings, hanging out with my parents and brothers, and getting boxes ready to send to Andrew every week! (I LOVE doing that!)

By the way, I know many have asked what they can send to Andrew and how. His address is in the margin on this page, and if you need ideas for what to send, email me! I always have a running list... You can pick up "flat rate" boxes at the Post Office for free, then it only costs $8.10 to send a box, no matter how heavy you make it. (It's my own personal challenge to fit as much as I can in every one!)

I have much to look forward to, including a trip back to North Carolina with Jenny for a baby shower at the end of March, moving into an apartment in April, buying a car, possibly even trying out for a role in this summer's community production of Beauty and the Beast! Not to mention the birth of our first nephew and grandbaby on this side. Chandler Thomas, we're so excited to meet you in May!

God is so faithful to us. He is using this trial of life in so many ways. Some of which He is gracious enough to let us see even now! And He doesn't owe us that. He loves us so much and we see His hand in our lives every day. Praise Him for His plan and the path He's placed before us! We certainly wouldn't have chosen it for ourselves (and we'll be glad when this chapter is done), but we're so glad we know the One Who will fulfill His perfect plans for our future. We only have to trust Him.

  • For Andrew's health. The silty desert dust just seems to get into his lungs and then throws him into unexpected coughing fits.
  • For at least one good man whom Andrew can buddy around with. It's so hard to be alone.
  • For a wall of safety around Andrew, his brother William, and all of the brave soldiers they're with.
  • For opportunites for Andrew to share the reason for the hope that lies within him.
  • For the peace that passes understanding...that it would continue to guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Thank you all for your prayers and loving support.


Sarah said...

Hey Cass, thanks for the updates... I check up on them every once in a while. Email me with some things that Andrew wants/needs... the boys and I would love to put a box together for him! I think of you both often and you're in my prayers. God Is Good. love to you both

Kirsten said...

Cassidy...I'm praying for you! I can't imagine how weird and different life is right now, and how much more "trusting God" means to you now than it ever has. I would love to send Andrew a box sometime,, if you have a chance, send me a list!

I'd love to catch up sometime soon. Love you lots.

WellPleased said...

We love you both.

Abby said...

Cass....I think of you and pray for you often! Great to hear an update and read that the Lord is sustaining you and upholding you both. Thanks for the specific ways to pray for you guys too. And what a GREAT name your sweet new nephew will have! I LOVE it! I can't believe our Chandler (my "baby"!) will be TWO in a week! Time really does fly by! And I hope the next 6 months and whatever days do for you too...and of course the rest of 2007!
Love you muchly girl!
I am gonna call you sometime, I really am. I think a week from now would be a good time. :-)I think someone has a birthday then.
God bless you, girl!

Mrs. Bouldin said...

Wow. I remember when my husband just left. I was the same way!! Counting down the months, weeks, months till he would come home. We're finally on the final stretch and even though it's still 5 months away, it seems like so little time when you consider the year that's flown by!!

Oh! I'm sure people have told you this, but when he goes home for his R&R, try not to have a lot planned. He'll want to just sit at home with you and hang out with family more than run around to events and such. We spent so much time at home, it was wonderful. Try to make it as "normal, everyday" as possible. That advice was given to me and I was really glad I was told that!!

I'm praying for you and your husband. Just keep busy and time will fly ... Honest!!!


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