Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's Been A Big Week!

Wow. I'm still kinda reeling from all that has gone on such a short time! To begin with, we bought a car. Or, rather, we bit the bullet and started making payments on one. It's a 2003 Nissan Murano - gold. It's a really hot crossover SUV and we are so pleased with the great deal we were given. (Pictures soon to come.)

Second, I went to my favorite salon as a Valentine's Day gift from Andrew and I had my hair highlighted for the first time! Yeah, real highlights in a caramelly color. It's very nice. And it was fun!

Third and best, Andrew received his new MacBook in fine condition. I'd bought it and shipped it to him a week earlier and we prayed for its entire journey. It got to Andrew with no problems and he's been so glad to have something to write on again! Yeah, yeah, he did well with pen and paper, but his typing is so much faster. : ) The reason for the new computer was several-fold: 1) The one we readied and sent with him promptly crashed for no apparent reason. Old age is a possibility. 2) For Andrew to keep up his writing (and a secret desire to write a book!) 3) So we could chat via messenger and even webcam! (Which is the most wonderful of reasons to me.)

As soon as he got it, he worked to get himself hooked up in his barracks and I was surprised late last night with a face-to-face conversation with my brave hubby! It was the first time I'd seen him since he left and praise the Lord He knew how long I could last! I couldn't stop the tears from flowing and even dripping off my nose as I smiled and talked to him and looked at him and just enjoyed being almost WITH him. I just looked and looked at his eyes, his smile, his short buzzed hair, and his huge muscles from going to the gym on an average of twice a day!

Here's a still shot that Andrew took of himself when he first got the computer and was on the phone with me. Yep, that's my baby! No, it's not nearly this clear with the webcam because of the limited bandwidth issues, but every so often it suddenly clears up and I feel like I could touch him!

We had a date to meet online about an hour ago, and we chatted for a little bit but the webcam never connected and then he was thrown offline entirely. I've written this post as I patiently wait for him to come back on. It seems like such a good thing and yet it's never quite sure that it'll work out from time to time. God never allows us to stop trusting Him for everything!

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Mrs. Bouldin said...

I know how you feel! I bought a laptop and sent it over to my hubby, too. Now we get to talk pretty much everyday. The webcam is a WONDERFUL invention!! We have problems with his internet, too and it's always right around the time people are coming "home" from work. I'm guessing so many people get online all at the same time so it slows down and eventually kicks them off. :(

I'm so glad you get to see him more often now. It will most definitly make the time go by quicker.

I'm praying for yall!!


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