Saturday, March 31, 2007

Updates and Photos

Well, I'm back to home sweet home after a wonderful week in North Carolina with Jenny and her family and friends! And sunshine!

This next week I'll be moving in to our apartment in town. Took a couple loads of stuff there yesterday, in fact. The nicest part about all this is that I can finally get organized! There's a bigger walk-in closet in the apartment than I have ever had! (Which isn't saying much...but it's nice!)

Andrew's doing really well, too. He's been working lots and also taking the time to brush up on his paralegal studies in order to keep his certification current. Definitely a route we could go after the Army...

It is now time for a photo montage!

This is on the way from one camp to another. Andrew was glad to see more of the city!

Iraqi children wave and ask for food from the nice American Soldiers in the convoy.

Just a little self-portrait for me...

A webcam shot as Andrew held up the Coca-Cola can for me to see.

He had a buddy of his take this of him outside at Camp Corregidor. What a good-lookin' Soldier!

This is me and my dad on my birthday! I look tired. I probably was. Dad's birthday is just 4 days after mine, so we've always been able to celebrate together. Fun!


Abby said...

Thanks for the update Cass. Sounds like you had a happy birthday month in March. I hope April is just as good, and that the Lord's peace and presence is felt in your heart!
love you muchly,

mommykendras said...

You both look great! What a neat way to stay in touch from all over. Let us know if your travels afford you the opportunity to stop over in Colorado for a couple of hours, days, or weeks. We'd love to find a way to pass the time while Andrew's away. Take great care!

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