Monday, March 19, 2007

Tuesday Travels

Andrew and I are both leaving on Tuesday. Him first because of the time difference, of course. Andrew got the word today that he would be leaving Camp Ramadi in the morning to his new station, Corregidor. It's a smaller base on the other side of the city. I don't know much about it, but I know Andrew's going there by way of convoy in just a few hours. He'll probably be there for about a month. He'll be replacing a Soldier from his company who's going home on leave in April and joining another MI buddy already out there.

From the sounds of it, this is really a blessing in disguise. At the outpost, Andrew will be so much more free than he is at Camp Ramadi. No more 12 hour shifts mixed in with ridiculous time-filling duties, for example! It sounds like he'll have easy access to the internet as well as satellite phones. Reports he's heard make it sound like a vacation compared to what he's been dealing with day to day. I'm just glad that he'll get a chance to catch up on some sleep!

The only thing is, he has to get there. And I can't help but be worried about the hummvee convoy. Please join me in praying for his safety and the safety of all in the traveling party. Pray that God would give His angels charge concerning their vehicles, and keep them safe on every road.

As for me, I'm flying to North Carolina in the morning with Jenny to spend a week with her family for fun and fellowship and Chandler's first Baby Shower. It'll be a fun vacation and a great escape from the Oregon rain!

Tomorrow night, Andrew's gonna try to call me as soon as he gets where he's going and we'll be able to compare travel notes!

Until next time...


Mrs. Bouldin said...

I will be praying for both of yall. As I was reading your post and I read he was going to be travelling by convoy, I stopped and prayed. It's scary, but the Lord will be with him during his trip. I'm praying that you make it safely as well!

rosannabud said...

Glad Andrew's safe. It sure was a fun surprise to see you and Jenny today... even if it was for just a little bit. Have fun in NC!

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