Friday, January 26, 2007

On the Move

Pray for Andrew as his unit is on deck to jump on a plane to Ramadi, Iraq anytime in the next couple days. We're planning on a couple/few days of no communication during the transition. But we really have no idea. It could surprise us either way!

As for me, I'm in Oregon, living at my parents house. It's so fun to be back and my family is such a great support and they help me to have fun, stay light-hearted, and keep trusting God during hard times.

Life really is beautiful.

Monday, January 22, 2007

One Good-Lookin' Soldier!

Andrew's doing great so far, getting settled in Kuwait, only to be unsettled for a while again when he moves to Iraq in a few days or so. And then I'll be unsettled at the same time as I actually move to Oregon, finally, in a few days! It's been so nice that he's been able to call me several times during this, our first week of deployment. It's been 1 week, already!

My Mom's been here with me in Hinesville for the last few days as we clean out the house entirely, make numerous trips between the storage unit, the post office, Walmart, and the hotel. We're almost done. Carpet cleaners tomorrow, "out inspection" on Wednesday, and fly off into the wild blue yonder on Thursday.

Then I think I'll sleep for about a month straight.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Well, he's there now and I've been able to talk to him a few times already! Probably because it's been a settling-in time and he doesn't quite have a rigid schedule, yet.

What he can see of Kuwait looks interesting. He's on a really huge post with a phone center, a PX (store), an internet "cafe," and even a coffee shop of sorts. He's not sure of anything quite yet, but he'll probably be in Kuwait for a week or two before being moved to Iraq.

I talked to him at midnight my time, 8am for him. Just when I get used to figuring +8 hours, I'll move to Oregon where it's +11. But that seems easier to deal with, doesn't it? Just take away 1 and switch from AM to PM. Or vice versa. Yeah, that'll be easy.

We're both doing just fine. Missing each other and life and just trusting God to take us through the next moment. But it's good that we're both very busy and distracted with new things for him and lots of work for me.

2 days down...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Leipzig, Germany

That's where Andrew called me from last night to talk, report, tell me he loves me, pray with me, and say goodnight. I then proceeded to sleep like a baby for the next 10 hours. I was so glad to hear his voice. And thank heaven for international rechargeable phone cards!

Yesterday was hard. Can't even begin to pretend it wasn't. But I had lots of support. Both sets of parents plus Seth. Andrew's parents had to leave early this morning, though, and now the rest of us are just concentrating on getting us moved out of our little house in Hinesville.

We are so glad to have finally taken a step in this new part of life. Not that we love the part, but the steps will add up after a while and then he'll be home! And we're so glad not to be dreading "d-day" anymore. It's come and gone. And now we just have to be strong and receive the grace for the day...and keep ourselves busy so the days will go by!

A year just feels so long.

Friday, January 12, 2007

the worst day of the year

Funny that they should follow each other in such close sequence... But here it is.

Andrew has to be at the Company on Monday morning at 6am. A bus to Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, a plane to New York, then on to Kuwait (after a layover somewhere in Europe), where he should land within 48 hours or so of leaving here.

So yeah. Monday will be the worst day of my year.

He's all packed up and ready to go. Now we're working on getting me ready to move to Oregon. Let me tell you it's no fun to pack up my stuff, knowing that I'm not going with my new husband and that he's not coming with me.

I'm gonna go spend some time with him while I still can.

Keep checking for updates, mailing/shipping addresses, etc. Lots of love and thanks for your prayers.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the BEST day of the year

Today is my favorite holiday. And it's only ever marked on a handful of calendars. It's only ever handwritten in various loving scripts and prints. But I want the world to know!

Andrew Kirk Harper

My best friend, my love, my hero, my husband, was born on this day, 28 years ago. And this is the first birthday I get to spend with him! I think on his last birthday I managed to send him an ecard... Hey, we were "just" friends! This year I bought him something really cool and I wish I could tell you, but he'll read this before it's time to open it, and I've worked this hard, I'm not ruining the surprise now! Are ya curious, though??

He's at work right now, but it should be a short day. Tomorrow is off, so we're gonna party tonight! William, Amanda, and Benj are meeting us at a fun burger place for dinner, then me and the Birthday Boy are gonna see a movie. Not sure which, yet.

Andrew's mom, Charlotte, is the Queen of the Day in my book. She became a Mom on this day in 1979. Thank you, Mom! Words can never express my gratefulness to you. But please know that I am indebted to you for life. It's been said that the way a son is with his mother is how he will be with his wife. Thanks for making him like he is. Because he's just perfect.

Let the celebration begin!

"And those who know Your Name will put their trust in You,
For You, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You."
Psalm 9:10

Friday, January 05, 2007

First Post of 2007

Hello to all! It's been a busy and hectic year so far, as I'm sure it is for everyone...

Just wanted to give a quick update and let you know what's happening up-to-the-minute with us.

Within the next 2 weeks or so, all of our parents plus Seth will be coming to town, Andrew (& William) will deploy, the parents will leave again (except for Mom), I will move out of our home in Hinesville, say goodbye to Amanda and Benj, and Mom will fly with me back to Portland.

Let me just say that it's insane to move out of a house you don't even feel like you ever quite fully moved into...

Andrew and I are both doing well. It's definitely harder than anything we could have imagined. We work together on days off packing and moving things to storage, taking unplanned breaks just to hold onto each other and let the tears flow. When he's at work, I think and pack and plan with great efficiency until he walks in the door and it hits me that he won't be doing that for a whole year. And I fall apart for a second or two.

Yet, somewhat paradoxically, we are both excited for this year. Excited to get it started so it can get over with. Excited to see what God will teach us and where He will take us. Excited to watch His hand at work in our marriage, bringing us together and stronger in ways we can't imagine.

We can't wait to look back on this year and say, "Look! See what God has brought us through."

He is faithful. And always will be.
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