Wednesday, March 19, 2008

at least one of us is on our way to georgia!

Unfortunately, it's neither one of us, yet...but rather, our Nissan.

It was all quite insane. There I was yesterday, vacuuming out the Murano, getting it ready to be picked up on the 20th. I was in the middle of the second seat when my phone rang and the nice man with an accent (yeah, another one. It causes me to wonder if maybe I'm actually the one with the foreign accent?!) -- anyway, the nice man told me that he would like to come and get my car in an hour. At least that's what I understood. Haha! No, I really did understand. And it really was an hour.

I went ahead and asked him if I could pack a couple of boxes in the back of the car, and maybe my vacuum cleaner, too? (I mean, how else could I get my nice new vacuum to Georgia? By plane? Um, no.) He said that I could put whatever I wanted to in the car, it's just that they weren't liable for loss, etc. I think he said that, anyway.

Panic and pandemonium.

I felt as though my house was on fire (I imagine that's kinda the feeling, anyway!) and I was forced to quickly decide what of all my possessions did I really want to save?

Though in this case, it was trickier. I didn't want to send my most precious things that way. What if something happens on the road? It's a wide country! And yet, there were a few things that I knew I wouldn't be able to take on a plane, therefore I won't have them at all for the next 8 months or however long...

At the same time, it was so exciting because some things that I thought I would just have to leave in Oregon, I actually now had the chance to take with me! Like my apple green KitchenAid and my cookbooks, my vacuum cleaner, my jewelry box (empty, of course), some other books, and even some framed pictures! Aaahhh! Too many decisions!

My wonderful Mom, Seth, and Darren sprang into action when they saw my great need! (Just kidding. They merely sat there and continued to eat lunch while I panicked!) Seriously, though, Mom helped me empty my jewelry box, Darren helped me pack it in it's original styrofoam and box, and Seth did the same for the KitchenAid. Seth also chatted it up with the guy with the accent while Darren loaded 2 Rubbermaids into the back of the car. Great stall tactic.

Guy: So are you moving to Georgia?
Seth: What?
Guy: Are you moving to Georgia?
Seth: Oh! No, that's my sister.
Guy: Who?
Seth: My sister. The one who's panicking.
Guy: Ah.

I watched it leave on a truck and went back into the house in shock. This is actually happening!! I'll be with Andrew so soon. Maybe even in 2 weeks!

Meanwhile, I wonder how the KitchenAid, vacuum cleaner, and jewelry box are enjoying their road trip? If they could talk, I'm sure they'd have some stories to tell.

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Rosanna said...

Yay, you got to send your vacuum! Haha, do you know that I always associate the word "tricky" with you? Yesterday while Rob was listening to a lecture the speaker used it several times and it made me think of you every time. Love ya!

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