Monday, March 10, 2008

The New Twenty

I turned 30 on Saturday, but really, it was painless. "Thirty is the new twenty," Jenny assures me. (Yeah, she's still 29, but I believe her, as usual.) I pause to consider if 20 would be worth going back to... After just a little bit of thought, I realize that I'd sure rather be here where I am at "the new twenty" than back where I was at "the old twenty!" My life was wonderful then, but ever so much more beautiful now.

I have a wonderful family, including a new nephew who makes life more exciting every day! (By the way, they sure don't make it easy for me to leave when the time comes! Couldn't they be awful or at least indifferent??)

I am surrounded by friends who love me for no reason of my own and always think the best of me no matter what!

And the greatest blessing I could ever have in this world became mine just a couple years ago: my precious husband, Andrew. He should be home in less than a month, Lord willing! And we have a whole life of love and togetherness and life and adventure and possibilities ahead of us.

Yes. I love where I am at "the new twenty."

So, after a morning of manicures and pedicures with Mom and Jenny... I came home to open up my special gift from Andrew! (As you can see, I'm proudly displaying the turquoise Tiffany's box!)

"What could it be?" (Although he had my help in picking it out, I still love the suspense!)

Slipping on my new aquamarine ring!

A closer look...

Chandler loves "playing along" with Redcast...also known as Uncle Sef!

And riding the motorcycle with Uncle Jarrod...

Jenny & Chan

Caught in the act of talking!

A really yummy hotwings spread for the party that night!

Sharing a mini corn dog and water with Chandler...

Jenny and Jarrod serve up a wonderful dessert! (Notice the flowers...they're from Andrew, too!)

Seth, Darren, & Jarrod (with little Owen Kangas, too)

The next morning's photo shoot for a better view of the amazing arrangement from my Sweetheart!


sethswifeforlife said...

Looks like an awesome day, Cass!
Did you get our voicemail??!!
I think you are right about the "new twenty"....great way to look at it, my friend.
love ya~

Rosanna said...

Heck yes, it's the new twenty!! :)

You make it look effortless.

Karen Brock said...

The flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Wow, Andrew!!

Anonymous said...

I suppose I've been here reading for awhile. You know if my life were more dull I'd be reading your blog everyday and writing lots of comments. You know it.

But it's been busy and that's understating it of course. I have loved reading all you and Andrew have written since I last checked in -- it helps me realize time is flying faster than any of us realize when I see that you are nearly really and very truly close to seeing each other face to face. Oh, I know, it must seem like an eternity. And for that I wish it differently for you both!

Cass, been praying, as always for you -- grace multiplied, special days this past month beautiful moments and memories even from far away.

I have to say, your man is amazing in how he makes sure you feel so special even when he's not face to face with you. It takes effort and love and devotion and creativity and God has blessed you muchly. The ring is wonderment dearest and something that will mean so much forever. The flowers... hey, it's a reminder that your love is alive and living no matter where you both may be. God has been good in the midst of storms.

I love you dearest. Will email soon. Congrats on being aunt again did I hear? ;)


Hannah said...

What a fun birthday!! I love your ring, what an amazing husband you have to do all that from away!! You are a blessed girl!!

Rosanna said...

oh and hey, your nails look fabulous! I see you are no longer opposed to "fake" nails, huh? ;)

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