Friday, March 28, 2008

"Hey, Ya'll!" from Savannah

"Nice to be back among the magnolias, again!" It's true! They're blooming gorgeously.

Wow, so much has happened since that last post! I know I can't even begin to cover it all, but it is, indeed, time for a status update. So I'll do my best.

The last days before I left Oregon were some crazy last days! I had a special day with my Granny...introducing her to the joys and luxury of a great pedicure. I spent a couple crazy last-minute shopping times with Jenny. Even on the day I left, we needed one more trip to Sonic and our favorite shopping area. (Found some great deals at Kohl's!) Incredible to both of us that it was a year ago right now that we were going to the gym hard and heavy (and Sonic) in those few last months before Chandler came. Speaking of that little guy... it was so hard to leave him!

My dear family took me out to a "last & celebration dinner out" Tuesday night at our favorite: Stanford's. I then left Wednesday night...and it was snowing in Portland. How bizarre for this late in the year!

Here's a picture from my phone of our new place! Our black door (with our very own trips will be great exercise!) is flanked by the windows. The one on the right is the bedroom and the one on the left is the living room with the mini-kitchen to the back of that. We have the garage just under the living room, too! And that's the place! Can't wait to make it homey..

I'm typing this from my apartment living room, "borrowing" a kind but unsuspecting neighbor's wi-fi. Southern hospitality at its greatest!

I arrived yesterday, via a flight to Jacksonville and a rental car. It's nicer than I thought it would be to be back! The sun is shining, the breeze is fresh, and everyone's kind. Again, southern hospitality, right? Although everything's nicer when Andrew's on his way home.

Yeah. Did I mention? He's already left Ramadi by convoy and arrived at TQ to await his flight to Kuwait and then on across the ocean! His travels are expected take a while, and then some... but we do have an actual date/time that he's supposed to be here!

2:30 am on April 3rd.

Crazy, cause that's the date I'd picked on my margin survey a while ago! Who else picked that with me? We're the winners. : )

So, I've been busy these last couple days just moving in and making trips to Target, WalMart, Starbucks...just the essentials. My first dinner back here I just HAD to eat at none other than Cracker Barrel. Just a minute from my apartment! Which is going to be my downfall...good thing there's a fitness center here.

Anyway, I've kinda typed at this all day. And now I have Cracker Barrel leftovers heating in the microwave.

Oh yeah! My car arrived late this afternoon! (and everything inside seems to be in tact!) Another man with a heavy accent. He sounded like the Indian janitor on the Tom Hanks movie, The Terminal. But it turns out he didn't look like that at all! He was taller, his hair wasn't all white, and he said "Ciao" and "mama mia"...very Italian. (How'd he learn Italian in India?) [wink, wink]

I have to add the winks cause you might not be ready for me to be funny. But my Soldier's coming back from Iraq healthy and happy and safe! please excuse the uncharacertistic giddiness.



sethswifeforlife said...

Georgia has probably never looked SO good, eh?
Cuz you know what's a coming! I LOVE your giddiness, I hear it in your writing. You are completely justified and excused to be that way FOR SURE, my friend!
I'm so glad the homecoming is in the process already! May these last few days pass ever so quickly!
love you!

Cathy said...

Good to hear that you're in Savannah and things are going so well! Can't wait to see a picture of the two of you together again! Praying that your reunion will be all and more that you're dreaming it will be!!

Rosanna said...

Yeah, I', with Cathy on the pictures! :D

I have to say that I am rather jealous of your magnolias and fresh breeze... I'm looking out my window at thickly-falling snow right now. April fool?

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