Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Feedburner Changes

I know many of you have subscribed to this blog in the past and may still be getting updates from In Love & War.

Well, I've tried to log on to Feedburner to change the name to Harper's Bazaar, but it's been a while and they've now become part of Google's family of products. I canNOT figure out how to login with them in order to change old info. All my super secret combination of email addresses and passwords aren't working. Poo.

Here's what I suggest: cancel your feed subscription from In Love & War. (When you get an email update, there will be an option to unsubscribe somewhere on the email.)

Then re-subscribe, but to Harper's Bazaar here on the margin >>>

That should fix it! If it doesn't, let me know and I'll try to get my geek on again.

1 comment:

J. Lynne said...

I had this problem with Flickr. They gave me my flickr account as part of my yahoo mail account. But I don't use yahoo mail anymore and forgot my password. I have spent literally hours trying to figure out how to get access to my Flickr account again!! AHHHH!!! How can they change stuff like that without keeping our passwords and stuff!! Crazy!!

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