Monday, April 30, 2007

Musical Impressions of a Six-Year-Old

"Oh magnify the Lord... "

I sat in the front seat of the little, red car beside my mom. My little gut was churning, or it would have been if I had known what a gut was. At the time all I knew was that things were really tight inside and I nearly felt sick. The Christian radio station happened to be playing the Maranatha Singers at that moment and it was at once beautiful and terrible.

"For He is worthy to be... For He is worthy to be praised..."

An outside observer would have thought from the expression on my face that I was being hauled away to my death. It very nearly felt like it... I was on my way to kindergarten... and I wasn't ready for the shake-up.

My school had a drive that ran between the preschool building and the main school/church building (it was a Christian school). A chorus of elderly ladies opened doors for good little kids who got out with bookbags and ran up the stairs to their classrooms.

We pulled alongside the elderly lady who was supposed to open my door for me.

"In your presence Lord, the mountains melt like wax..."

and I did the only thing any self-preserving six-year-old would do...

"I lift my hands, and worship you oh, Lord! I lift my hands, and worship you oh Lord!"

I locked my car door.

K, so Kindergarten was just a little traumatic... and I loved/hated the music playing on the radio as I went to school each morning... I thought that nothing that happened between home (safe) and school (scary) could be good. Therefore, as beautiful as it might be, the music on the radio between 8 and 9 am was of the devil.

Glad I grew out of that stage, cause I found this song today and I still love the song, the message, and the presentation.

~ Andrew

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