Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On Dwelling In Caves

If ever I wanted to do a case study about what effects dwelling in caves had on the psychology of Ancient Man, I suppose this would be the opportune time. My current abode is indeed very cave-like. The walls are of grey concrete plaster, except where the plaster has come down to reveal the block that fills in the skeletal structure of poured concrete beams. Oh, it's an odd construction to be sure.

Aside from the greyness of the walls, a lack of light lends itself nicely to the overall sense that I have been flung into a different age. There are essentially two main sources of light in this room. While both lights are flourescent, their radiance seems to be quickly and nearly completely absorbed by the towering, grey ceiling of concrete. The ceiling itself is punctuated occasionally by pieces of rebar, some pointing straight down and others bent in some way.

There were windows here at one time, or at least space for windows... the sand bags filling those spaces between the concrete keep out light while protecting against bullets and mortars.

Yes, overall I think this would be the golden opportunity to do a case study in Cave Dwelling Psychology... Hey, if I can develop a thesis and give lectures after the army, I should be able make a mint at Berkeley or some place! I guess I'd have to leave out the part about having been in Iraq if I was going to lecture at Berkeley. Ah well.

My wife reminded me of this song today and, while I know we are not close to the end of this year, I feel like we've come far enough for me to dedicate this to her.

"Looks like we made it,
Look how far we've come my baby,
We mighta took the long way,
We knew we'd get there someday,
They said: "I bet they'll never make it"
But just look at us holdin' on,
We're still together,
Still goin' strong."

Cassidy, I love you with all my heart, in some ways our life together has taken the long way, but we know we'll get there in God's timing because He is leading us. I look back over just the last few months and I see how much we have grown together and individually and I am so proud of you, of us, and of who we are in Christ.

"Ain't nothin' better,
We beat the odds together
I'm glad we didn't listen,
Look at what we would be missin'
They said: "I bet, they'll never make it"
But just look at us holdin' on,
We're still together,
Still goin' strong."

Every day we are beating the odds together, because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. This time is passing and we are not listening to anything that does not agree with what our God has mapped out for us.

"You're still the one I run to,
The one that I belong to,
You're still the one I want for life
You're still the one that I love,
The only one I dream of,
You're still the one I kiss goodnight."

I can't wait to kiss you goodnight every night for the rest of our lives, Kid. I love you!

"I'm so glad we made it, look how far we've come my baby."

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sethswifeforlife said...

Aw, Andrew...you brought tears to my eyes for you two. I know you've both shed yours, but you are holdin' on, clinging to the ONE who sovereignly runs all things by the Word of HIS Power. Praise be to Him who is keeping you guys strong in the midst of it.
And, hey, most the make of those caves, man. :-)
We love you guys!

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