Sunday, February 03, 2008

Homecoming 2008

It's been an exciting week on the homefront. I received official word of the projected range of dates that Andrew will be arriving at Ft. Stewart! I can expect him anywhere from April 2-7. (Just for fun I added a poll to the margin of this blog...pick a day, any day! We'll see who's closest.)

My arrival date is much more certain. I have a one-way ticket on a southbound plane to take me "back among the magnolias, again" on March 27th. (Why I just quoted part of a Tim McGraw song and a line from Red Skelton in the same run-on sentence, I'll never know. Truly.) I'm so thrilled to be planning my return and reunion with my brave husband. Finally! We have an apartment already locked in for us - off post, near Savannah - and are just chomping at the bit to start our next wonderful phase of married life.

I could very possibly be falling into his arms in 2 months from today! However, I have learned to hold dates very loosely. It will probably be later than they say. By some miracle, it may even be sooner! This is why I created the poll. Your guess is as good as mine! I wouldn't even know which date to pick.

...But it's already my favorite day of 2008.


wamaboo said...

Cass, I am so excited for you, it won't matter what day because it will be the last you'll be waiting. The next 80 years you get to wake up in his arms. Yipeee

sethswifeforlife said...

yay, the countdown is on again! Can't wait to see you. Glad you get to come down, but next time bring your man with you, K?

Anonymous said...

Well, this is kind of weird as I have never really dont this before (left comments somewhere for someone else).

First - a short intro: my name is Darren. Among other things, I am a youth pastor here in Ontario Canada. By way of a project I was doing with my teen group some time back, I came across your blog and became interested in following the path of your loving relationship, marriage, seperation and anticipation of being reunited. Andrew & Cassidy - frankly, it has been and continues to be inspirational.

This morning when I woke up, one of my first thoughts fell to the two of you and what Valentines Day must mean to both of you. A world apart, but still hand in hand. It is truely a miracle by God's hand that empowers us to love so deeply and passionately that distance doesn't dim the fire.

Please know that our congregation here has offered prayers for the two of you a number of times and we continue to do so. Prayers that God keeps you, Andrew, safe and strong. And prayers that God keeps you, Cassidy, passionate and prepared.

Neither of you need to be told that despite the differences in land, language, and culture, that on this Valentine's Day, the two of you are still hand in hand - connected through the love of the Lord.

May God bless you and keep you both safe always.

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