Friday, February 15, 2008

how God loves us

This Wednesday morning at our women's Bible study, I was struck by the insight of a friend when she shared that most often, she feels God's love to her through the love of others.

What a great and timely reminder of something I know, but so easily forget. Unfortunately, my life's busy-ness, my brain's constant and somewhat irritating need to over-think things, and my personality's desire for consistent productivity can blind me to the obvious expressions of God's love for me and my hourly need of it!

Since Wednesday, my eyes have been re-opened to God's love and I see it everywhere! Yes, there are those special times when I have "a moment" just between me and the Lord and I clearly feel His presence and overwhelming love. But when I stop to look for it, God loves me every single day through the love He's given to others...not for me, but for Him. When Christians love God, He gives them a love for others that's meant to come from Him, not them! Confusing! But so beautiful.

So when an unknown (to us) youth pastor from Canada writes one of the most encouraging comments we've received on our blog, we were able to see it and receive it as an outpouring of God's love to us through the writer. He encouraged us because of his love for the Lord and God used him as a channel of that love. Straight from the Father to us.

Thank You, Lord! And thank you, Darren, for your uplifting words that came at such a perfect time. You'll never know just how grateful we are for your thoughts and prayers! Our God is so faithful. May He bless you and your church with more and more love and may He continue to pour out blessings that cannot be contained!

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Darren said...

Just keep the pictures of Andrew in Iraq and you at home coming and make sure the homecoming is well documented. Knowing the two of you are together is all the thanks in the world.

God bless you for such kind words.


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