Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Paisley's One!


haha! What a way to start a post about your 1st baby's 1st birthday!

Really, though. Where did this year go? As Andrew was putting together a slideshow of first year pics for her party tomorrow, we realized that it was like a "year in review" for us! Basically all of 2009 was her first year. And it was amazing to consider that her whole first year was so intimately connected with everything we did. She was everything to us. We did everything for her. We all acquired new titles and roles and we all have been learning to walk in them. A new mommy, a new daddy, a new daughter, a new family!

Here's a peek at a very abbreviated version of Paisley's 1st year of life!

What a year. Thank You, Jesus, for sending us such a precious, joyful, full-of-fun-and-life angel! And thank you for coming into our lives, pretty girl. We love you so much and always will!

We're having a birthday party for her tomorrow afternoon. We've invited her uncles, her Brock grandparents, and her Brock/Jones great-grandparents. A "smaller" crowd so as not to overwhelm her too much for the first go-round at this birthday business.

So I've trimmed our green and red Christmas tree in PINK streamers and ribbon, made a "Paisley" banner, hung extra lights and glittery things, and generally OD-ed on pink-ness. We're having pink punch, pink gift wrap, pink napkins, pink cups, a pink mini-cake just for Paisley ... and chocolate hazelnut milkshakes for the crowd! (which are not pink. but the straws are.)

Remind me to pick up that cake at Safeway tomorrow!


sethswifeforlife said...

Happy Birthday precious Paisley!!!! Can't wait to meet you in 2010!!!! I'll find a way.
So grateful God brought you into your parents lives. They will forever be changed. As will you. Many blessings and enjoy all the PINK!

Grandy said...

so sweet! tks Cass.

Hannah said...

I just looked at the slideshow with Ava sitting in my lap and she started waving!

Happy Birthday Paisley from your friend Ava! =)

Can't wait to see pics from the party!!

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