Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What the heck are Paris Blues and how does one get them?

Come to find out, it is nothing psychological. Has absolutely zero to do with your sad state of mind upon leaving France.

Evidently, they are jeans. And that does ring a bell somewhere. I'm pretty sure I've seen them before.

Anyway, Nordstrom sells them, so they've gotta be all right.

So the fine folks at Paris Blues apparently like to feature different musicians each month as part of their ad campaign. The smartest thing they've ever done (not that I know all they've ever done) is choose Redcast as their December 2009 artists-of-the-month!

So that's cool. Go to Paris Blues artists page. There on the bottom right you'll find the December feature -- Redcast -- complete with a picture of the boys. Click that photo to hear Beside Myself and to read a (somewhat dated) bio!

Did I mention yet that you can follow the boys on Twitter for all the latest from their own mouths? @SethRedcast @JarrodRedcast @DarrenRedcast. Catchy.

December 8th is just a week from today! Christmas Concert, baby!!

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