Friday, December 04, 2009

Things I Love About Being A Mommy

  • finding baby shoes under the furniture
  • playing on the floor with our heads together when she leans in to give a sweet kiss
  • her smile of anticipation as she toddles into my arms and awaits the applause
  • all the different tones in which she says "Mama"... every emotion is communicated!
  • when I rearrange her blankets one last time before I go to bed and her eyes flutter open, then she gives a sleepy smile and closes them contentedly
  • mirror time with my baby, smiling and waving to and kissing our reflections
  • the moment of recognition when she understands what I'm saying and responds to it
  • the pride of showing off a "trick" well-learned
  • tickle giggles and real laughs


sethswifeforlife said...

All that & so much more! SO true. So glad you love being a mommy to your sweet Paisley!

Peggy R. said...

Those are some of the many things I miss about being a Mommy. Prepare yourself for those days, cause they come all too soon. I wish I were a Mom who couldn't wait til the kids are grown & out of the house, but I cling desperately to my children,even now. I am sooooo ready to be a Grandma!

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