Friday, December 11, 2009

shopping day!

Andrew started my day in a crazy way! He woke me up with a phone call at 6:30am from work. He was just getting off and about to head home after working all night long. Said he wanted to give me a chance to get out of bed cause when he got home, we were jumping in the car and going out Christmas shopping. Payday was here!

I heard Andrew come in and say a chipper "Good morning!" before he dashed off to the shower. My head was still fuzzy at 6:50 as I pulled myself out of bed, grabbed yesterday's jeans, and sat in front of the heater waiting for it to turn on. To warm up the cold jeans, of course. I only dozed off once while sitting there. Not bad.

Then a flurry of slow activity as we got Paisley up, got her changed and fed, and bundled into the car seat. It was so cold outside, even she seemed to grasp the reason behind keeping her little hat on.

Then we were off!

1st order of business: Starbucks drive thru for Cass. Andrew had already had something, which explained his abnormal energy level.
2nd: cash the paycheck!
3rd: divide it amongst 3 envelopes.
4th: shop the day away!

We were highly successful! (translate: lots of awesome stuff at great prices!) Paisley was an angel all morning. Riding in the cart, the Baby Bjorn, our arms, the cart, our arms, our arms, our other arm... We really did get a lot done and it's only December 10th! That's pretty early for this Queen of the Last Minute. Yes, that title truly did require italics, bold, and a color. Whoops! More italics.

So Santa's little Harper elves returned home happy and full of Christmas cheer. And there my story ends.

For now.


sethswifeforlife said...

LOVE it! And love that you're blogging frequently again! I just can't seem to find that Christmas cheer & energy to go out as a family of 7 & Christmas shop! I've done some Amazon free shipping & one other quick trip. Hoping to tomorrow, with only 2 kids in tow while the others are doing Friday school @ Grandma's. We'll see......

Hannah said...

so fun!! what fun memories you made! I am dreading being done shopping, cause i LOVE christmas shopping and don't want it to end!

I agree..glad your blogging again! love the way you write..i can totally hear you saying things the way you write it! =)

merry christmas!!

nanajoy said...

Cassidy...just read your blog for the first fun! Your little Paisley sounds like a doll!!This is Debi T. A special Merry Christmas to your family!

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