Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fantasy Football

Football. Must confess I've never quite acquired a full appreciation for this bone-cracking, flesh-bruising, testosterone-pumping sport. Not that I have any strong aversion to the game... more of a healthy disinterest. Never played, therefore never mastered the rules... never followed a team long enough to be considered a "fan".

My ambiguity toward football being firmly established... my bride and I have decided to join the family league this year. Gone are the days of disinterested "Harrumphs" as yet another gladiatorial bout blares from the television. This year it's all about the yardage, the fumbles, the sacks, the tackles, the touchdowns, the touchbacks, the field goals, and the Gatorade commercials! THIS is a year of learning. THIS is a year of striving, of effort, of following closely our favorite players and defensive line-ups. THIS is a year of, "Lord, please don't let the uncle's fantasy team beat ours too bad."



Anonymous said...

Alllll right!!!! let the games begin! (My first year, too. Sure hope I beat Dad (;)
Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Go Andrew Go!


Carrie said...

you better hope your cousin doesnt beat you too bad either!! :) i cant wait to SEE you two together in person! hope all is well!
love, Carrie

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