Monday, September 25, 2006

September 25th, 3 years

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Andrew's enlistment. He's made it through three years in the US Army. I'm so proud of him!

He knew three years ago that God was calling him to be a Soldier, and not only is he "sticking with the plan," but he is doing so victoriously! He has two years left in his initial contract, and after that, who knows where God will take us? It looks like it will get harder before it gets any easier, but our Savior is in control. And until He calls us out, this is the safest and best place for us to be.

In the center of God's will.


Anonymous said...

"HE who accepts evil w/out protesting against it is really cooperating with it..." I thank God for people like Andrew who can represent so many of us by giving of his time and energy to be devoted to serving our country - being willing to sacrifice for what it right and good and defying that which is evil in the world. Thank You!!!

The things that seem the hardest to go through, may be some of the best things we go through if we don't let it get the best of us~ praying for you Cass -- and yes, in God's will, that is the safest, most peaceful and hopeful place to be in.

love you-

rpkkj said...

Your Andrew is a really handsome soldier. My Dad was in the Army for over 20 years, on and off. He was a Sgt. I remember how neat he smelled when he came home, like a SOLDIER! And he always had a sucker in his front pocket for me to find. I was his baby.
I NEVER EVER heard him yell, but he was a drill sgt. so he had to yell at the soldiers, huh?

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